Our vision is to create a congenial environment for every student and teacher to nurture their interest and retain their uniqueness. We believe in attempting to bring out intelligent, rational, scientific, independent, creative, analytical, socially-skilled, forward-thinking youngsters, capable of changing the world. Our students are not mere children but the visions of our country.

Our wish is to provide the best education for every child to grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually; become courageous, self-disciplined and self-motivated. We hope to create an environment for every child to explore his/her individuality, creativity and passion in life. We believe that Education is not for mere reading and writing, Education must be education for life. Only when the child can relate education to his life, his interest will be kept alive.


Like all big ventures, when our school first commenced, it was located on the first floor of an independent house. With tremendous trust shown by parents in the first year, we had 100+ student enrollments. And we steadily paced our efforts to provide adequate space for our Chitrakoota School family. Our experienced Chitrakoota School Management has since then believed – we quote – “It’s Not the Number of Students; but the Quality of Education That Builds a Better Nation.”

To further expand our educational roots, in 2006, we moved to our Hampinagar campus. This campus provides a quality, spacious, comfortable space for our students, teachers and other faculty members. Currently this campus houses only our Pre-Primary Montessori School. Learning while playing and participating helps our little ones to face the world confidently. The 5th of April, in the year 2007, marked another feather on the cap. We stretched our wings at Chitrakoota School to inaugurate the Montessori Teachers Training Institute. Chitrakoota School Nagadevanahalli campus (CBSE) began operations on the 9th of June, 2013.

  • 2004

    Chitrakoota School Founded By Prinipal,
    Mr. Chaitanya on 7th May, 2004
  • 2005

    When the School started, it was located on the first floor of a house.In the very first year, it had 100 students.
  • 2006

    In 2006, the school was re-located to the Hampinagar Campus. Pre-Primary sections use up that spacious environment
  • 2007

    On 5th April, 2007, Chitrakoota stretched its wings to start:Montessori Teachers Training Institute.
  • 2013

    On 9th June 2013, Chitrakoota School, Nagadevanahalli campus (CBSE), was inaugurated State of the art facilities
  • 2015

    Chitrakoota has grown from strength to strength, with ‘Dynamism’ as our key mantra Chitrakoota takes pride in being a stalwart in re-defining education.


Our logo embodies our motto. It portrays a long path, which depicts that Life is an ongoing journey in search of growth and betterment. We believe that we need to be the ‘change’ we wish to see in the external world.


Montessori, Primary & High School

“On my first visit to Chitrakoota, one teacher supervises the kids while performing an activity. Another teacher is continuously into one-on-one discussions with the children to “teach”. Everything is individualized to the child’s own pace; there is no rush to compete with the rest of the class. No grade comparisons are possible, as they are not listening to the same lesson plan simultaneously.”

Sakshi’s Mother, Parent, Chitrakoota School Family

“ I love the dream of Chitrakoota of creating this beautiful heaven for us. “

By Swaroop, 7th Std.

Walking down the memory lane:-

I was fortunate to join Chitrakoota in the year of its inception. Since then I have grown in all dimensions. I feel at home, I feel full of life. I love Chitrakoota….

By Deeksha Bhaskar, Academic co-coordinator

The secret of good teaching is to regard the child’s intelligence as a fertile field in which seeds may be sown, to grow under the heat of flaming imagination.

By Joyita Bhattacharyya, Head Mistress


Our pre-primary teachers are a group of passionate and experienced Montessorians who would love to touch the lives of children and are dedicated to serve their needs. They are capable of being role-models to the next generation.

Our Primary & High school Teachers come with subject expertise, who understand the psychology of dynamism of growing minds.


Every parent who enrolls his/her child in Chitrakoota School wants to be involved in the child’s scholastic and holistic development. Subsequently, this bonds them to one another and inspires them to recommend our school to other prospects. Every parent who enrolls his/her child in Chitrakoota School would always be referred by other parents.


We believe that every student is shaped by the mind of the teacher. Students are our assets; they are our visions, they are the leaders in the making. Our students are not only intellectual, but also social and emotional beings. Hence we interact in all these dimensions to impact their learning and performance.





We understand that parent and teacher communication will benefit the child’s overall success. It is important to know that academic success is more than just a grade or a score. It is about ensuring that the child has a complete understanding of the skills and concepts that are being taught in the educational environment. The manner in which we communicate and interact with parents affects the extent and quality of parents’ involvement at home with their children’s learning. Parents also benefit from being involved in their children’s education and become more confident about the value of the involvement of the school. To create a positive two-way relationship, Chitrakoota has explored various avenues like email, whatsapp, facebook, blog etc. Chitrakoota has even designed a mobile app for effective communication. Effective communication is essential for building school-family partnerships. A positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to the child’s success.