Montessori is a method of learning that contrasts with the Kindergarten methodologies. At Chitrakoota School, we value the unique abilities in a child, and feel children must be free to succeed and learn without any outside pressure, restriction or criticism.

Dr. Maria Montessori reformed the Italian education approach, when she unconventionally emphasized on individuality, freedom within limits, due diligence and respect for a child. She endorsed the technique which stated that the children learn at their own pace; they experience the joy of learning. A happy mind recalls more than a stressed mind.

Montessori Pre-school education in Bangalore concentrates on the multi-sensory, progressive and self-correcting resources that facilitate good learning advantages.

Although these kids are in a secure environment, confidence booster sessions enable the child to meet even higher challenges head-on. Children think out of the box, cross barriers and build their own frame-work. Winners and leaders of tomorrow need the right attitude, brilliance and skillsets – and all these are nurtured through different learning programs at Chitrakoota School Montessori. Chitrakoota School Pre-Primary schooling is purely based on Montessori style of education. Enroll your child for our next academic year.

  • We follow Strike Order, Authenticity, Minimalism and Approachability in all interactions.
  • Children experience freedom to work and move around.
  • Children are provided with specifically designed materials.
  • Children develop their kinesthetic, digital, auditory and cognitive skills through explorative methods.
  • We encourage mingling sessions of diverse age groups once in a quarter.
  • Montessori classrooms breathe comfort, space, liberty and discipline. Even before a class starts, students are at ease. Most of the environments are planned, pre- prepared environments for children to familiarize themselves with conceptual understanding of their progressive and age-related academic plan.
  • We provide Activity-based Curriculum.
  • At Chitrakoota School, our little ones need to enjoy their time in school; they would be happy to be left to play by their parents in the school environment.
  • Any activity like Theatre, Rhymes, Music, Dance, Art, Play time, Circle Time, Gymnastics, Swimming etc would be given attention regularly.
  • Festive Celebration shappen at regular intervals.
  • Although in Pre-Primary, each day is celebrated, special occasions like Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day etc call for dressing up and discussions. Kaleidoscopic events that involve dance, drama and diversity in our culture are also proudly show-cased.

Montessori claims the teacher to be a co-learner and collaborator. That gives the child the right to make a lot more suggestions and decisions for a given task, in the presence of the teacher. The child learns the practical side of each task. A lot of case scenarios and applications make the children accountable. They end up being responsible citizens.

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Unlike the ‘Kindergarten’ mode of education, this method of teaching is more difficult in a classroom situation. There is a thin line between discipline and fun, which teachers understand. There is no enforced instruction time; it’s more of a two-way learning.

Worksheets only make the child practice what they already have played with and conceptually understood. Dedicated, individual attention of a teacher keeps the child confident, unlike the emphasis laid on larger groups. Monitoring students at a personal level helps them in learning with constant feedback – they develop positive attitudes, without complaints, in the learning process.


Chitrakoota is a CBSE affiliated school. Chitrakoota believes that teaching is an art that takes a wide view of a child’s inherent skills and potential. Instead of forcing them on to a set pattern, our methodology has let these skills and talents bloom in their own way. Based on the latest in education research and child psychology, Chitrakoota reaches out to all students and engages them in the way that best suits them. This innovative style of teaching shows a very visible difference in the extent to which students learn and understand concepts. Chitrakoota aims to provide students a strong foundation for life and research pilots show that it succeeds in doing so. The primary philosophy behind Chitrakoota is that of different learning styles.

Research has shown that not everybody learns in the same way. Some students prefer experiments, some like lectures, some like to analyze and make hypotheses while some like to feel and experience things for themselves. A traditional classroom, with its set ‘chalk and talk’ methods, is ill-equipped to cater to such a variety of learners.

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