Chitrakoota School uses the most widely accepted method of education – Montessori – for the Pre-Primary sections. After the Pre-Primary years, our students move onto the CBSE syllabus. Central Board of Secondary Education is the mostly widely followed Board in India. Each school is, in itself, a Centre of Excellence (COE) that harmoniously balances the current syllabus and the extra-curricular activities. Chitrakoota School students would feel proud of their education and feel at ease with their teachers at every stage in Life.


XSEED is a research-based and proven academic programme for schools, that builds thinking skills & problem solving abilities in children. XSEED children ask more questions, can write in their own words and like doing word problems in mathematics.


TeachNext is a digital learning ecosystem which makes the end-to-end process of teaching and learning easy and more engaging. At the core of TeachNext is a rich multimedia based, pedagogically appropriate content, mapped to school curricula.


School Cinema is a film-based learning module combined with a fun and exciting workbook to reaffirm values, morals and equip children with skills to deal with everyday challenges. School Cinema aims to influence young minds into making better choices for themselves as young adults.


NIE is an initiative from ‘The Times of India’ to install regular newspaper-reading habit among students. It is more than a student newspaper. It is an excellent example of how a great project can be extended and enhanced in many interesting ways.


Chitrakoota has adopted Voter Technology to evaluate the child’s response effectively and accurately in no time. This makes assessment a fun-filled process and even makes the teacher’s job easy.


Chitrakoota’s bulletin boards are loaded with student work, which speaks volumes about the importance given to every child and his work. Child’s confidence gets boosted when his work gets published on Bulletin boards.


Aesthetic sense is what makes life fulfilling and complete. We inculcate aesthetics in each student by indulging them in all co-curricular activities like Music, Dance, Theatre, Debate, Quiz, Art, Poetry, Sports etc. All these activities help in building creativity and smartness in children and enables them to get over stage fear. It also helps children to develop public speaking skills by throwing out inhibitions and refining expressions, gestures and action. Co-curricular activities facilitate the development of various domains of students.


In Chitrakoota, sports is a vital part of education. Sports in our school imparts skill development, performance enhancement and educational potential. We believe in a positive relationship between being involvement in physical activities and overall development.


Chitrakoota school creates several opportunities for children to go on stage, to be in the limelight and to perform in front of huge gatherings. These avenues boost students’ self-esteem and self-confidence and gradually carve their personality.