Age criteria for enrolling children
Pre-primary Montessori is a 4 year course before entering Primary. This includes Pre-Montessori, M1, M2 & M3.

Pre-Montessori Age between 2.2 to 2.08 years by 1st June
M1 Age between 2.08 to 3.08 years by 1st June
M2 (LKG) Age between 3.08 to 4.08 years by 1st June
M3 (UKG) Age between 4.08 to 5.08 years by 1st June

Primary starts from I STD between the age of 5.08 to 6.10 years and from then onwards, continues on to the next classes.



To begin the admission procedure, one has to get the child registered.

Step I: Group Meeting – This involves the following:

  • A group meeting involving a detailed discussion of Montessori Philosophy.
  • Taking parents to the live classroom.
  • Clarification of all doubts of the parents.


  • This meeting will be conducted by the Principal, the duration being around 2 hours.
  • Children are not allowed for this meeting.
  • Both the parents must attend the meeting.
  • Appointment for ‘One-on-One meeting’ with the principal will be given to the parents at the end of the meeting.

Step II: One-on-One meeting

  • After parents understand the methodology and philosophy of the school in detail, they will be given 2-3 days of thinking time.
  • If parents decide to take the admission procedure forward, they would meet the principal in person with their child.

Step III: Documentation

  • The Application with all details duly filled and with the necessary photos and a Xerox copy of the Birth Certificate (with Date of Birth) would be collected. If any documents are not submitted then parents should give the same in writing.
  • Financial formalities would be completed.


Admission of students from other schools To begin the admission procedure, one has to get the child registered.

  • Within a week’s time, the school will revert back.
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