The school’s Work Culture is an output of our belief system. Love and Laughter are the pre-dominant emotions in the air. Our work culture encourages the staff to grow in all dimensions and promotes open-mindedness to new ideas for implementing improvements upon existing systems. It also promotes dignity of labour, respect for others’ individuality and capability and encouragement to freedom of expression. Every staff that joins newly would undergo a special, growth-oriented Workshop called ‘Passion’, conducted by the Principal, Mr. Chaitanya. It is mainly aimed at improving communication skills and inter-personal relationships. All staff members are automatically members of the Passion Alumni as they undergo this training. The Alumni Meets are held every month.


Montessori Teachers Training Institute

Chitrakoota Training Institute is a training wing of Chitrakoota School which was established in the year 2004. The Pre-Primary Training Programme is for a duration of one year only. Theory and practical classes are conducted.


If the candidate completes all the formalities of the course and clears the examinations, he/she would get a diploma. This diploma is recognized by Montessori schools.


Selected candidates will also be given an opportunity to work as an apprentice. This is a unique opportunity to add work experience too.

There is strong potential for absorption of apprentices by the school itself.

Day-care facility

There is a day-care facility available for trainees’ children. Children above 3 years will be taken care of, for half or full sessions.


As the entire course will be conducted in English, candidates must be comfortable with English (spoken and written). There is no compulsion that the candidate must be a graduate.


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